วารสาร : ปีที่ 5 ฉบับพิเศษ 2561
ชื่องานวิจัย (TH): Documentation Similarity System
ชื่องานวิจัย (EN) : Documentation Similarity System
ผู้วิจัย : Sutthikarn Bojukrapan, Khunathorn Thongnopphakhun, Nininnate Kothutsadee and Panawat Khongtanakunbawon
บทคัดย่อ (TH) : 

Abstract : 

This research aims to develop and evaluate a similar document detection system in web application. The purposes of this research was 1) to study and develop an algorithm for cutting Thai word by using rule-based rule to be more effective and 2) to compare the similarities of text on web application. The tools in this research included with Visual Studio Code, Sublime text 3 and php language compare and analyze the similarity of text with Thai language abstracts based on student projects in Computer Science and Information Technology of Udon Thani Rajabhat University. The system was evaluated using Black Box testing.
The results of this research was found that the satisfaction of the experts are good (x ̅ = 4.80, SD. = 0.68) the satisfaction of the users is good level (x ̅ = 4.70, SD = 0.77). The accuracy of system is the highest satisfaction score.

Keywords : Similarity, Web Application, Cutting Word, Thai Abstract Similarity
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